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Digitization campaigns with archives and media centers

There is a lot of surprising historical footage in the hands of private filmmakers or their descendants. Often the owners have no idea that their films could also be of interest to a public archive. Most of the time, they have kept the material well, but have not looked at it for years (or decades).

That's why we organize events in cooperation with archives, companies and media centers, where we are on site with mobile equipment. The residents of the city are called upon in advance via the press to bring their films by and to view them on site with the archive and with us.

Private films are digitized directly on site, films of public interest can be handed over to the care of the archive with a contract.

Many valuable historical recordings have already been tracked down in this way, e.g. in Lüneburg, Heidenheim, Hofgeismar, Backnang, Franconian Switzerland, Altenkirchen, Freiburg, Meinersen, Eschwege ...

In Lüneburg, a film about the history of the city was also made by the cinema, which was shown in numerous screenings by the program cinema "Scala".

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