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Digital film restoration with artificial intelligence / 1

How much can you improve a Super 8 film with Topaz Video AI?

We at FILM-DIGITAL were interested in how much a high-quality scan of a well-preserved Super 8 film can still be improved by the use of artificial intelligence: this Super 8 film from the 80s was improved with FILM-DIGITAL's software script after recording. After that, we post-processed some sequences with Topaz Video AI. Mainly the stabilization and the "liquefaction" of the movements convinced us. Also the re-sharpening succeeded and some impurities and scratches could be restored well. For all scenes this tool was not suitable, but for others we were able to get quite a bit out of it. We marked the scenes we processed with Topaz with the green "Topaz Video AI" rectangle in the lower left corner. Even more difficult than this kind of enhancement is colorizing old movies with AI. We have been working on this for a few months as well. To be continued soon ...

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